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Ross Harris

Ross Harris (Arts Laureate 2014) is a freelance composer of art music. Since leaving his teaching position at Victoria University in 2004 Ross has been working as a freelance composer. In 2005-6 he was Composer in Residence with the Auckland Philharmonia during which time he wrote nine pieces including two symphonies. In 2008 - 2009 he was Composer in Residence at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington during which he wrote his Symphony No. III, Variation 25 for string quartet for the New Zealand String Quartet and a song cycle The Floating Bride with words by Vincent O'Sullivan. Recently Ross has had premieres of his Symphony no.4, Violin Concerto no.1 (with Anthony Marwood and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra) and his Cello Concerto (with the Auckland Philharmonia and Li-Wei Qin).

Ross Harris is featured in the album The Kugels (ACD 816) as part of the ensemble The Kugels .

Aurora Australis (ACD 113)

in the distance (ACD 316)

Making Light of Time (ACD 317)

Notes from a Journey (ACD 118)

Points in a changing circle (ACD 299)

Requiem for the Fallen (ACD 617)

Sarajevo (ACD 217)

Southern Invention (ACD 579)

The Kugels (ACD 816)